Musings of a 1st year teacher

Can you believe that my first year of teaching has drawn to a close?

Things I have learned this year (in no particular order, and not a complete list)

1. Don’t yell. It really doesn’t achieve anything. It just escalates things and the classroom quickly becomes a zoo.
2. Praise, praise, praise. Find anything you can to praise. Ignore the bad stuff, praise the good stuff and they eventually only do the good stuff.
3. Be there for my own kids. The problem kids in my classes seem to come from homes where either both parents work and just aren’t around, or split families. Kids need to be loved and need to know they are loved. I have to love my own kids and be there for them.
4. Get used to no sleep and the emotional drain that is teaching. I can’t see that this will ever improve.
5. Be explicit. The more explicit I am the better the students work.
6. Work on the must know, should know, could know – this will make differentiation a lot easier so I’m not sitting there til midnight each night trying to work out how to do this.

Finally, I’ve learned I’m better on a block then on day to day casual, but I’m not going to get permanent work until I can prove on a piece of paper that I can do everything – despite the fact that I am a good teacher. 12 months ago I would not have said I’m a good teacher, but now – yes, I am a good teacher. Now I need to work on becoming a great teacher.


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