10 questions every educator should take the time to answer

Excellent questions put forward by Bianca Hewes

Bianca Hewes

Please take some time to read the following ten questions and post your answers as a comment below. I’d love to know what answers my children’s teachers would give. In fact, I’d be pretty darn interested in the answers that our new Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, would give to these questions!

1. What skills and knowledge do you think are essential for students to have acquired before they graduate from high school?
2. Do you think that learning to program/code is as important for young people as learning to read and write?
3. How can schools (including public schools) reshape their physical environment to make it more suitable for students in the 21st century?
4. What really is ‘personalised learning’ and is it truly possible to achieve it in our schools as they are today?
5. If I came into a class you were teaching, what would I see?

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