How to write? Read!

The best way to work on your creative writing and essay writing skills is to read; a lot.  The more you read, particularly when you read great authors, the more attuned you become to sentence and paragraph structure.  You learn what works and what doesn’t.  

As you read books you enjoy, ask yourself “why am I enjoying this book?”.  Is it just because of the story, or is it because of the way the story is told?  What makes this author stand out from the rest?

If you are in year 6 to year 10 you should be aiming to read 20 novels or short stories a year outside of what you read for class.  You could sign up for the NSW Premiere’s Reading Challenge next year as a goal.  You could also start a blog where you write book reviews on all the books you read, and share your blog with your friends.

Your first step towards improving your writing is reading.


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