Return to School – Tip # 5

Tip # 5? Where is Tip # 4?  Tip # 4 is on our facebook page!/assistSME.  It was, quite simply, clean your room.  A cluttered working space = a cluttered mind.  You need a clean and organised study space.

Tip # 5

Create a word bank for yourself for each of your subjects.  For instance, if number stories are something you want to improve on in maths, create a word bank for number stories.

1. Draw vertical columns on a piece of A4 paper.

2. Give each column a heading.  For instance, if your word bank is for number stories you would have headings “addition”, “subtraction”, “division”, “multiplication”.

3.  In each column start writing words or phrases that a synonomous with the heading word.  For example, in your addition column you would have words/phrases, such as “plus”, “altogether”, “sum”, “total” and in your subtraction column you would have “how many more”, “how much more”, “how many left” and so on.

4. Stick this in your book for that subject.  You may even with to put a coloured sticker on it that matches your colour system from Tip # 1.

5. Use your word banks whenever you are doing work in that subject.  You could have word banks to build on your vocabulary for persuasive texts, narratives and essays, for improving your knowledge of scientific language, for maths, history and other subjects.

You may wish to add visual cues such as pictures or colour to your words to help you remember the words.

The year that you are in at school will determine the vocabulary you would use.  Eventually, you won’t need to rely on the word bank anymore.


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