Return to School Tip # 2

Return to School – Tip # 2

January 3, 2013

Tip # 2

This tip is the be all and end all.  You can start this in primary school to get in the habit.  This method has successfully seen me complete my HSC whilst working full-time (yes I left school and completed my HSC at TAFE at night whilst I worked full-time to earn money) and 2 university degrees, whilst working and raising a family.  It really works.

Before you can start you need to find out from your teacher just how much study you should be doing at night and on the weekend.  Some schools give homework to help you structure your study.  If your school doesn’t set homework, you will need to find out just how much self-directed study you need to be doing.  By year 6 you should be doing 1 hour of extra work a night and build from there, working towards your HSC.  At school we learn, at home we practice what we learned so that we master it.

You will need:

1 large piece of cardboard

1 small piece of cardboard

1 pack of velcro dots (double-sided)

1 roll of double-sided tape, if dots do not have adhesive backing




1. Draw a table spreadsheet on your cardboard and label with days of the week and hours of the day.  Start with the time that you wake and end with the time you go to bed each day.  It will look something like this.


2. Put a velcro dot in each blank square – eg


3. Using your extra sheet of cardboard, rule it into squares that fit the size of the blank squares on your large sheet of cardboard.  Cut the squares out.  On each square, write all your activities that you do in the week, eg if you play team sport you will need a square for training and a square for the game.  Each square is worth 1 hour, so if you train for two hours, have two squares for training.  If your teacher says you need to do 1 hour of maths each week night, make sure you have 5 squares that say “maths”.  Do this for each subject, and each activity.  Make sure you have squares for leisure time, family time, sport, other activities you do, part-time job and social time.

4. Colour in subject squares to match your colour coded folders from Tip # 1.

4. Put the other half of each velcro dot on the squares.

5. Organise the squares on the large chart, and organise your week.

6. Stick your chart on your wall.

How it works

If you have been told you need to do, say, 4 hours of maths work at home each week, 4 hours of English, 1 hour of science, 2 hours of history (this is just an example), you need to make sure you have those 11 squares on your chart.

If you get a call from a friend asking you to go out Friday night but you have allocated a study square to that time, you can move the square, but it has to stay on the chart.  You can’t remove it entirely.  You need to find another spot in your week to complete that hour.

This system works better than a normal planner, as it helps you juggle the increasing demands of the week, making sure you get all your study done, but still achieve down-time.  It is important in your studies to have breaks and have leisure time with family and friends.


Have fun with making this one!



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