Return to School – Tip # 1

Over the coming weeks, I will post a series of organisational tips to help you get ready for the school year.

Tip # 1 – Colour coding

This tip will suit any high school student, and can also be used for students in late primary to prepare for their transition to high school.

You will need:

Folders – each a different colour, ring binders are good.

Stickers in matching colours to the folders

Pens, markers, colouring pencils.

Your study timetable.

1. Start off with a list of all the subjects that you will be studying at school this year (eg English, maths, science, HSIE, languages, music, drama, design, PDHPE, etc).

2. Label 1 folder for each subject. Stick to 1 colour per subject (eg English – yellow, Maths – blue, science – green, etc).

3. If you have a desk, label each drawer for each subject, using a coloured sticker that matches the colour of your folder.

4. If you don’t have a desk, or don’t have enough drawers, you could make a space on a shelf for each folder, with a coloured sticker on the shelf marking the spot for your folder. Each should be returned to the same space every night so you don’t lose it.

5. Using your weekly school timetable, colour in each subject square the same colour of the folder you have selected for that subject. Eg if you have chosen yellow for English, then you should have a yellow folder, a yellow sticker on what will now be your English drawer, or a yellow sticker on your shelf, and each time English appears on your timetable, it should be coloured in yellow.

Your timetable may look like this (with matching coloured folders):timetable

This is the start of your study organisation. If everything is returned to the proper drawer/shelf spot, and you colour code everything, all your notes, papers, etc will be easy to find and won’t get messed up. By using a ring binder you can hole-punch papers and put them into your folder.

For senior students, you may wish to consider a filing cabinet to help you organise your paperwork for years 11 and 12. If you do this, you can colour code the tabs in your filing cabinet so that you have an easy to find spot for each subject.

If you don’t want to carry ring binder folders with you at school, use notebooks for each subject, but use a different notebook per subject, and cover it in coloured contact or paper that matches the colour of the folder you have at home. A4 hole-punched notebooks are good because you can insert them into the ring binder once they are full.



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