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Special Needs Education

I have an assignment due in a couple of weeks that is focusing on the learning support team in providing an inclusive education for students with disabilities or learning difficulties.

I understand the theory behind it all, what I am not sure of is how it is put into practice.  For me, I have two roles in the Learning Support Team.  I am the parent in one scenario, and the principal in the other.  I have to state what actions I will take (minimum of 3) in each role, and how I will evalute and monitor the success of those actions.

As the parent I know I can contact the school and request a meeting, voice my concerns and be involved in setting goals for my child.  I could even request that experts that have been involved in the medical care for my child be present.

But what about the principal?  What does the principal do?  What actions does the principal take?

So I am calling for teachers and principals to please give me some ideas.  I think one of the most daunting things as a pre-service teacher is we come fully loaded with theories but little idea on how to put it into action; what actually works in the classroom.  I fully agree with an inclusive learning environment.  I understand individual learning plans.  I think if I had the role of the classroom teacher in the case studies I would know what actions to take.  But the role of the principal and the role of the parent are something completely different.

How is it done at your school?


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