The Teacher’s Gift

I just read this blog –

I’ve been pondering on what gifts to give to my kids’ teachers this year, when I stumbled upon the blog.

It made me laugh.  I don’t have experience in the primary school setting, but the high schools I have visited as a pre-service teacher have proven that coffee mugs are in short supply.  Perhaps it is because secondary school teachers are all but forgotten by parents and their students at the end of the year.  I must admit, once your child is in high school they have so many teachers that gifts for the teachers seems like a very expensive endeavour, even if you do only spend $5 on a teacher.  Not to mention your poor child having to cart all those presents around for a day or two, and then there is the pressure from peers.  I think when I was at high school it was very much uncool to buy a teacher a gift.

For me, this year, all our teachers are receiving hand made presents along with hand made cards from my boys.  My children are not in high school yet, but I think when the time comes there will be gifts still.  Even if it is a coffee mug or a bowl that will go in the microwave to heat up their leftovers lunch, or even just some tea and coffee for the staff room.

In the meantime, it is back to study and plodding my way to the inevitable end of trying to get a teaching position.  It is also time for some procrasti-baking; lets bake some goodies for the teachers (nut free of course).


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