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The Essential Teacher Organiser – does it exist?

I used to be a time management dynamo.  I was on top of everything.  Admittedly, it was before I had kids and wasn’t try to cram even more into the day, yet I was still on top of it.  OK, I will grant you I lived at home and my mum washed and cooked for me and my dad got me out of bed each morning.  BUT STILL!!! I was on top of it.  I was on top of it at work too.  I juggled full-time work and uni studies plus a great social life.  I fitted in exercise and healthy diet.

This year I changed everything to electronic device.  I use google calendar and have it synced on my laptop, smart phone and WebOS tablet (yep, can’t afford an ipad or android tablet).  I use Evernote and Livebinders and other tools.  But I have fallen further and further behind, to a point that I am totally and utterly out of control and sinking.  More than sinking, drowning.  The technology is not working for me.  The technology provides too many distractions.  I was better off when I didn’t turn on the technology until everything on the to-do list was ticked off.  Now I turn on the technology first.  It doesn’t work for me.

I miss my filofax.  The good old must have of the 80s and 90s.  A suit wasn’t a suit without a filofax.  I miss the tabs, the zip lock bags that contained all those bits of papers that didn’t belong anywhere but were needed (prescriptions, dry-cleaning tickets, doc referrals, etc).  It was my project management system, my lists, my to-do, my contacts, my mind maps, my budgets, my notes, ideas and even my doodles and etches.  It was everything.  I know there are many that would argue that you can do this on tablets and smart phones.  Yes, you can.  But it is not a one-stop shop.  Some have argued with me that if you can do it all on one device then it is great.  But I’m putting it out there to app developers that people don’t want to do it on one device, they want to do it on one app, that is all linked.  Still, it doesn’t solve the problem of all the bits of paper that I have been continuously losing this year.

I miss my filofax.

It has got me thinking too.  What am I going to do next year?  How do teachers do it?  What systems do you use to record what page number one class got to, what tasks another class got to, who handed in an assessment task, what marks they got, quick notes on behaviour or issues that you need to put in the system when you next get off class, what activities to take to class, any special classroom you will be in that day, reminder to email or call a parent, etc.  How do you do it?  Whilst you are at it, how do you carry it all?  Bag? Basket?

It is all these practical things you don’t learn at uni.  But I do really need help.  How do you do it?



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