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A deadline looming

It is only a matter of days before the trimester ends.  2 assignments due tomorrow and another on Monday.

This time around I am focussing on boys’ literacy, multiliteracies and then to finish it all off, a book review on a text book for new English teachers.

As always time has been an issue: juggling husband and children, work and uni.

I am nowhere near ready to submit the assignments for tomorrow.  Technically it is one assignment but I’m calling it two because it requires to essays.  I haven’t started the readings for Mondays’ assignment.  School holidays will clash with it too – how do you meet a uni deadline with 3 cherubs running around the house?

But I will be honest, I have found the readings on boys’ literacy and multiliteracies fascinating.  With good timing, my 9 yo boys’ first NAPLAN results came in and everything in his results reflects what is generally said about boys’ literacy.

Anyway, this is just a form of procrastination so I better skedaddle.



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