HELP! Calling all English teachers

So here’s the thing.  The dreaded assignment came back.  The good doctor must have been feeling sorry for me because (although the mark is not my usual) he has given me a higher mark than expected.

BUT (and it’s a big BUT) I need to absolutely nail the next assignment to keep my average up.  It needs to be flawless.

What I’m asking for is ideas on how English teachers use ICT in the classroom.  I’ve got some ideas but I’m not sure how it would work in the classroom. 

One idea is to explore advertising and how marketers manipulate language to sell products.  Part of the exploration would be to have students look at various ads on youtube and websites and then script, film, edit and publish their own ad on youtube.

Another idea is to explore narrative and the way narrative changes dependent on the genre.  It would include video games and having students perhaps create their own game?

My other idea is exploring a text, and create a class facebook page.  Students are given a character from the text (a different character for each student, obviously with some doubling up).  Students are to do regular status updates and tweets about the text and the events in the text but in the voice of their character. 

Would any of these work?  Are students allowed to have facebook and twitter accounts?  I’ll need to research the age limits I think.



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2 responses to “HELP! Calling all English teachers

  1. lmb

    Hi there. This may help – it’s a Health/English unit I am doing with Year 7 based on the effect of advertising. Most of the resources are on this stixy I put together for our grade.
    Hope it helps.

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