It’s a strange thing to receive an assignment back and know you should be very happy with the result yet somehow it disturbs you.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an exceptional result.  Yet I submitted 2 assignments on the one day, one that I knew was great and one that was not so good.  I had in my mind the mark that I would get for the great one and the mark that I would get for the not so great one.  Now I did get a great mark for the good assignment, but it was a few marks short of what I had marked it in my mind.  Which has me thinking that I’m probably a few marks over for the not so good assignment which has me now even more stressed than before over that result.

I know I’ll get the mark I deserve and if you don’t submit quality then you don’t get a quality mark.  But still it is going to be a blow for me when it does finally arrive.

In the meantime the one that has come back is a nice massage for the ego, yet it does not say where I went wrong and it kind of irks me that I don’t know where those missing handful of marks went.  Nonetheless it sets me up well for the rest of the semester for that particular subject so I can’t complain.

But now I’m on to writing 2 more assignments.  The types of assignments that I’m really bad at – lesson plans.  Give me an essay any day of the week, but please don’t ask me to sequentially place in my ideas in 10 minute time slots.  Yikes.


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